Tuesday, March 02, 2010


Inspiration hasn't struck in a few days. Things on my mind:

1. Spring training is upon us, and the Cubs have (a) ditched Milton Bradley, which is like foisting off the FORGERY card in Masterpiece on somebody who wasn't paying attention, (b) lost roughly 20 pounds of Carlos Zambrano, which may or may not help him delay his inevitable meltdown until May, and (c) got themselves bought by new ownership, which includes an out lesbian community activist. Of the three, I'm most excited by (a). That guy was pure poison on the field and in the clubhouse. Did he kick puppies on off days? It's possible.

2. My brothers are displaying an alarming lack of brainpower, by (a) running up enough debts to have collection agencies calling my dad's house, by doing things like not realizing being on a cruise ship means international phone rates which means a $500 bill when you get home after five days, which then means not having a phone any more (the older one), and (b) weighing whether or not to take my niece to the doctor when she's sick, because my brother lost his insurance, because he decided to change jobs (didn't actually lose the first job, just decided to take a more interesting and oh by the way TEMPORARY job instead) during a recession with two little kids and a pregnant wife (the younger one). They're actually brothers from a different mother (how long have I been waiting to say that?), so mitochondrial DNA FTW!

3. The downside of #2 above is that we do share the same father, which means I get to deal with said father's increasing depression and drinking due to the asshole factors being exhibited by his male spawn. Thanks, guys.

4. Moving from family to Family, the WPS season is upon us as well, with plenty of excitement promised by the LA Sol's dispersal. The competition level should be amped up a notch, and more internationals are flocking to our fair shores as well. Atlanta Beat, you were dead before you even started. The hotdog stand color scheme and logo design should have been the first hint that you should scrap it and start over. Well, every league needs a doormat, and as a Red Stars fan I have nothing to say but THANK YOU ATLANTA.

5. Also, carpentry. My afternoons and weekends are being consumed by building bookcases and tables for a rental property held somewhere within my too-lesboriffic-to-explain extended family. Lungs are full of sawdust, knuckles are nicked. And I need a masonry bit for the adobe walls.

The end.


Damien Huffer said...

Family trumps family any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

I was having a bad day and you made me laugh. Thanks.