Monday, June 06, 2011

Back, Sorta

Oi. Ithaca is indeed incredible, and felt very much like my midwestern home with the thick beech-maple forests, omnipresent creeks and rivers, and familiar wildflowers nodding in the breeze like old friends. I put a hefty number of standard-issue postcardy pictures on the Facebook--if you're truly dying to see them, leave me a note in the comments--as well as a bunch of Android Polaroid emulator shots of Cornell campus architectural details on my tumblr.

Rudy Giuliani gave an eminently forgettable speech at graduation. I declined to take photos. Short version: the terrible tragedy of a Cornell senior dying in a fire three weeks before graduation = 9/11!


We came home to 105-degree heat and a dog with a lung infection. In short order thereafter we were served a heaping dish of Idiocy Two Ways, courtesy of Sarah "Ring Them Bells" Palin and Anthony "I Am Behaving Like A" Weiner. Neither requires more comment here.

I am easing into summer, which means lots of stone fruit with yogurt, chilled light wines (moscato! oh my!), and waiting for fall. The World Cup is coming in a couple of weeks, at which point I will be blogging around the clock. Meanwhile, well, sit, watch, reassess, think. I am getting old.

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