Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday Pix

I'm listening to the censure resolution hearings, throwing up a little bit in my mouth every few minutes. Biggest winner so far, according to the Expert Panel of Me, is Bruce Fein (paraphrased): If the president can do anything he wants by invoking Article 2, then he can open our mail tomorrow in violation of the law so long as he says it's for surveillance. He can break and enter into our homes in violation of the law if he says it's for surveillance. There is no possible check on his powers if Article 2 continues to be construed as a free pass to do whatever the fuck he wants. The degree of sycophancy being exhibited (huffily, I may add) by Orrin Hatch and Arlen Specter is just amazing. Hatch sees no evidence whatsoever that W acted outside the law. Well, I guess that settles that. Next.

The kid had his last soccer practice of the season last night, way out in the boonies on the east side, in the shadows of the Catalinas. I understand why people like to live out there; not every square inch of desert has been built up and paved over yet. From there, the mountains aren't just anonymous silhouettes on the horizon. You can see the depth of the foothills and can make out the rock formations and individual saguaros marching up the slope. I walked out into the desert and took some pictures in the waning light.

Coyotes were starting t
o yip and cottontails were venturing out cautiously. I saw a few thrashers, mockingbirds, and doves, along with a single vermillion flycatcher that wouldn't hold still long enough for a photo, and a western cardinal chirruping from the top of a cactus.

Lots of cholla out here, including teddy bear, buckhorn, and chainfruit. This chainfruit glowed nicely in the backlight from the setting sun.

Even the creosote was lovely.

This is one of the taller saguaros I found, pocked with holes from flickers and woodpeckers. The saguaro grows a protective lining around the internal cavities created by the birds (called a "boot"). Usually not a big deal for the cactus...

...although it was apparently an issue for this particular one. Here's a view through the internal passageways exposed when the outside of the saguaro fell off.

All in all, a lovely way to almost-finish the week.

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