Friday, March 24, 2006

Wicked Good Fun

Do we all remember Bill Napoli, the South Dakota state senator whose creepily-detailed fantasy of the Christian virgin rape victim made us all, to borrow an apt bit of language from the author of the above-linked article, want to scrub our eyeballs with bleach after reading it? Good. Now go read this cartoon and do what you will.

I wrote my letter to Cecilia Fire Thunder this morning and tucked a small check inside, basically all I can afford given that this is the mortgage-payment paycheck today. I notice that the "pro-life" people have picked up on this and are encouraging people to send their own letters to the same address, so we need to step it up before the post office in Pine Ridge explodes from the overload.

1 comment:

Homer said...

Oh stoopid Mr. Napoli. I hope he enjoys the phone calls.