Friday, March 03, 2006

Thanks, Dr. Dobson. No, Really, Thanks.

So Sam Alito sent a nice thank-you letter to James Dobson thanking him and his minions for all their support during the confirmation hearings. I especially like the part where Sammy tells Dobson that he'll remember the trust that's been placed in him as he sits on the court.

Uh-huh. God, I miss the days when we had to look at the Religious Right's communiques with a magnifying glass to tease out the secret code phrases and guess what they might mean. You don't exactly need a Captain Righteous decoder ring to figure this one out. Not when state legislatures are lining up giddily in a game of one-upmanship to see who can get their draconian forced-birth laws challenged first.

I know a woman who had two abortions in her younger days yet still consistently votes Republican, so certain is she that "they" will never really make abortion illegal. She was fortunate--thinly though that word may be applied to the situation--to have experienced her unwanted pregnancies in Illinois, in the time long ago far away before states began seeing just how many flaming hoops they could erect between women and the clinic doors. She was also repeatedly raped by her father and an uncle as a child, although they somehow managed never to impregnate her. Yet she still keeps her personal experience curiously detached from the maelstrom swirling now for the innumerable women who are unlucky enough to live in states like South Dakota and Mississippi. Her adopted daughter, also sexually abused as a toddler (well before my friend adopted her), is now a teenager with behavioral and boundary problems. Her recourse has been a Christian school and Bible-study sessions. The cynic in me figures that since it's inevitable, hopefully the girl will wind up pregnant sooner rather than later, when the birds hatched by all these goddamn GOP voters come home to roost in Arizona and my friend finds herself raising not just her daughter, but her grandchild as well.

She'll say she never thought it could happen here.

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Anonymous said...

We already know that red states have a higher rate of unwed pregnancies than blue states. Not only are they wrong, but they are in complete denial about the statistical evidence for family planning. Because, face it, its not about having children, it's about being punished for having sex. That is always what the anti-abortion crowd has been about. But the media let them have the "pro-life" name and they have exploited people like your friend ever since. And they won't stop at abortion. They fully intend to re-criminalize sodomy and all forms of privacy protected personal freedom. I even saw a guy on NRO (national review online) pulling for a state's right to make masturbation a crime. Of course stuff like that is selectively enforced, usually against the opponents of the regime. Police state here we come. Thank you Jesus, for nothing.