Monday, April 24, 2006

Boltgirl Lite

Oh Sweet Jesus. I understand now, belatedly, why I avoid Indian lunch buffets. Don't get me wrong--I totally dig Indian food. That's the problem. Went out today to Sher-E-Punjab (highly recommended; they put cilantro in the dal saag) to celebrate the birthdays of a couple of co-workers and now feel like a tick on a dog. Wenn ich nur erbrechen nicht hatten haette, wurde ich viel mehr froelich sein. Christ on a friggin' crutch. I would like to die now, thank you very much.

The weekend was spent picking out bedding plants, building planting boxes, and slinging potting soil. I am now proudly fostering two Sweet 100 tomato plants, one yellow pear tomato, and a purported grape tomato-roma hybrid. I'm especially excited about that one. Two jalapenos and two New Mexico Big Jim pepper plants are in pots, and the cucumber is setting up for a valiant stand against the sun under the mesquite tree. Cilantro, chives, and oregano are in the herb window box, but I couldn't find basil at either Home Depot or Target. And I tucked a few bright yellow marigolds amongst the tomatoes. They look happy. If all goes well I'll have salsa by the end of May.

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