Monday, April 03, 2006

Tired Monday

The blah weekend was punctuated by almost getting massively rear-ended on the Superstition Freeway in Phoenix. The boy learned a valuable lesson, distilled to "that's why you always check your mirrors." Anyway, disaster was narrowly avoided via creative use of the no-man's-land between the carpool lane and the regular traffic lane (see skidding vehicles approaching from the rear? check your mirrors and scoot outta the way) and I got an unfortunate closeup of a nasty two-SUV collision inches from my rear bumper.

In other news, the Arizona legislature is scrambling to pass a law criminalizing bestiality, which apparently was removed from the books 30 years ago in a clean sweep of archaic statutes. Too many incidents of this particularly vile brand of animal abuse have been surfacing lately, from the horrific story of a sexually abused and maimed greyhound to a deputy fire chief attempting to boink his neighbor's sheep. It's stuff like this--definitely the greyhound, definitely the fuckheads who skinned a puppy alive last year and dumped it on the rez--that makes me rethink my opposition to capital punishment.

I'm waiting, of course, for the inevitable letters-to-the-editor wondering why bestiality is being punished while that other, you know, heinous sin is being celebrated. Maybe I'll be wrong; I certainly hope so.


Homer said...

Ewwww (pun intended).

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure all of us in the community are hoping that you're wrong! Given the history of these types of blod-faced associations, I doubt that you are :(

Damien (a friend and working colleague of Homer)