Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Year, Old Cold

2008 kicked off amazingly like 2007 ended, namely, with a nasty sore throat and sinus situation. I had hoped to usher in the new year with something nice like a hike, but that ain't happening. Hit a couple of buckets of balls instead and came home to collapse.

I do not resolve. Why set myself up for failure? Things I might think about doing better this year than I did last include adventurous cooking, work productivity, high-impact cardio workouts, and presenting a smiling visage to the world.

Like any of that shit's gonna happen.

Anyway. The coolest present I got for Christmas is a Kodak digital photo frame, the nice shiny black eight incher with internal memory and slots for memory cards and USB drives. I spent a couple of hours sorting through a few years worth of photos and relabeling them on the USB drive so they'll be in perfect order... and the frame seems to be stuck on random mode. Whatever. It's still wicked cool and looks great, particularly in a darkened room. The funnest presents to give were magnets I made on CafePress with a posterized version of my grandpa's 1943 army portrait, which I gave to all my family members, and a nicely framed print of a polar bear playing with a sled dog in Manitoba, which I gave to my girlfriend.

Iowa hits in two days. I will marshal my energies for that coverage. I'm feeling Edwards these days.

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