Monday, January 21, 2008

Oh No

David J. Phillip, Associated Press

Groan. The Packers spent the last three quarters yesterday forgetting how to throw flanker screens and 10-year crossing routes, and pissed away their last best hope when Jarrett Bush forgot the dictum do not attempt to pick up a fumble and run with it, especially in shitty weather. Who knew Eli would have the game of his career? Not me. Poor Wisconsin.

So Super Bowl Sunday now presents the conundrum of rooting against the evil empire of the Patriots, but being required in the process to support a New York team. There's a joke in here somewhere about a blind guy and a deaf guy in a lifeboat with a pig who has a satellite phone, but it's escaping me this morning.

But wait, there's more. Just when Super Bowl Sunday could not become less appealing, well, it does. In a move that should disqualify Fox from ever hosting the big game ever again ever ever, Roger Ailes has decided to pair pregame coverage with pre-Super Tuesday political coverage, Fox-style.

Starting at 9 a.m. Feb. 3, the broadcaster will air a three-hour preview of this year’s steroidal Super Tuesday free-for-all, examining all 22 state primary races. The special news block will kick off with a one-hour edition of Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, followed by two hours of politics and pigskin coverage hosted by Fox News Channel anchor Shepard Smith.

Adding some regional flavor to the mix, eight reporters from Fox owned-and-operated stations across the country will file stories from the campaign trail, with each correspondent linked to an individual candidate from his or her local market.

Oh, goody. I hope this really is the extent of it, and that earlier rumblings about having to listen to Terry, Howie, and the boys make their picks from the GOP field were simply vile rumors. And Chris Wallace seriously better be limited to that first hour. His smirking mug popping up unexpectedly will be enough for me to heave bottles through the screen.

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