Friday, January 04, 2008

I Do Not Heart Huckabee

I am of two minds this morning. One thinks that Mike Huckabee suddenly being the Republican front-runner is the best news EVER, since once the campaign starts in earnest, the crap swirling around him on the blogs (his applauding the Southern Baptist convention for telling women to submit to their husbands, his major fundraiser who's in favor of doctors being barred from working on the sabbath and compelled to preach to their patients under a Christian theocracy, his psychotic dog-hanging son) will have to hit the mainstream media and will have to scare even the most brain-dead American voters away from him. Right? Right? Then the other mind chimes in and says, yeah, and all that shit makes him the absolute wet dream of the average brain-dead American voter who has a vague sense of being a persecuted Christian because Bill O'Reilly and innumerable forwarded e-mails from people like my brother tell him he is.

Come one, mind one. I'm pulling for you.


Anonymous said...

i have already discussed worst case scenario with friends and family. If huckabee were to win the presidency, im out of here: au revoir america. A victory for him would affirm that the country has been taken over by a bunch of religous nut jobs and the old constitution is mere toilet paper. Its funny because when i told my sister in law, "yea if huckabee wins im moving to france", she responded with a "wow your brother and I were just talking about that and we decided were moving to ireland." Although i think his win is a long shot, if it did happen, we could be seeing one of the largest emmigrations in modern times LOL

USpace said...

Huckabye? Huckabee wants to have adulterers, homosexuals and rape victims stoned to death. He also wants to make alcohol and music videos illegal, and make women 2nd class citizens and to take all girls out of school.

Oops, my bad, that's another 'religion'.

Hey, anybody but the PIAPS!

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