Thursday, January 03, 2008

UA President Favors Domestic Partner Benefits; Heads Predictably Explode

Mercy me, this must be why I don't get too worked up about New Year's: the calendar may change, but all the shit stays the same. University of Arizona President Robert Shelton issued a statement supporting the proposed extension of domestic partner benefits to all state employees (currently, only Pima County and the cities of Tucson, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe have DP benefits). The story was posted on the Daily Star's website around midnight; conservative commenters promptly jumped onboard with the usual it's-a-choice clamoring, slippery slope fear-mongering, and bestiality parallels. Spelling and grammar again suffered heavy casualties.
I'm sure Sodom and Gomorrah had similar statutes in effect when they were destroyed. And they probably had their own version of the ADS to support it.

What concerns me is that ultimately, if, as and when homosexualists triumph in their quest for marriage "equality," other types of social and sexual deviants---polygamists, plural marriage advocates, and so forth---will have an undeniable argument, based on the Constitution's equal protection clause, for similar treatment. The long term societal costs will be catastrophic.

Being "Q" is a mental illness that with the right treatment can be "cured". The humane race is the only species on earth that practices this deviant and immoral behavior. Thay want to teach our children to be "politically correct" and except their illness as normal, which it isn't.

Can't wait until the sociology professor who's into bestiality tries to get dental coverage for his mule.

Perhaps the commenting tide will turn once people who actually have jobs get online this morning, although wading through that much muck is enough to put you off your feed for a week. No date has been set for a public hearing, and the law isn't expected to be in force until October, so we have quite a bit of slime-slinging to look forward to.

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