Wednesday, October 15, 2008

All Together Now

I would like to point out that I totally would have finished my Mogollon Rim report six months ago, but my project director wouldn't do ten town halls with me, so I was forced to work really slow and screw stuff up. I also would have replaced the burned out bulb in the kitchen and spackled the holes in the ceiling, but my girlfriend refused to acquiesce to my demands of thirty town halls, so instead of fixing stuff I wrecked the blinds on the hallway window and left sawdust all over the floor. I also would have been more than happy to not strangle the guy who cut me off in line at the grocery store today and then set his corpse on fire, but he had previously refused to do a hundred town halls with me, so... well, you know the rest. And now I have some scrubbing up to do.

You know who would have done all those town halls? Joe the Plumber, that's who. Such as. He probably also would not threaten to destroy the fabric of democracy. That's for community organizers and washed up terrorists, not for upstanding guys like Joe! The! Plumber!

19 days. Just 19 more days.


Damien Huffer said...

Joe The Plumber (brother of Bob the Builder) action figures...coming soon to a WalMart near you!

Homer said...

Oh fuck, I refused those town halls with you too!