Sunday, June 25, 2006

Amnesty Sunday

I must confess to some confusion over the amnesty to insurgents being offered by the Iraqi government.
Al-Maliki's 24-point national reconciliation plan also would include an amnesty for insurgents and opposition figures who have not been involved in terrorist activities. Al-Maliki declared, however, that insurgent killers would not escape justice regardless of whether their victims were coalition forces or Iraqis.

I may be reading between the lines here, but this fairly baldly asserts that only those insurgents who limited their killing to coalition personnel (rather than Iraqi civilians) are eligible. But if they killed anybody at all, they'll face justice. So not only does this suck, but it's also a little short on logic. By this definition of amnesty, the only people who should be rushing the gates for the amnesty stamp are people who haven't killed anyone at all or blown anything up.

In other words, the really lousy or really timid insurgents. Although if they're serious about administering justice to the non-terrorist killers, they'll end up corralling the really stupid ones too.

Again, I'm left wondering what the Republican response would be if it were the Democrats lauding this dumbfuck plan as the greatest thing to happen in Iraq since Sumerian clay tablets. Blow up a market full of civilians? No amnesty for you. Blow up a US Humvee? Amnesty! With the blessings of congressmen who are lining up to say what a great idea it is!

How the fuck is this playing in Peoria? How is it playing in the homes of people who have kids, parents, spouses, friends over there? How about in the homes of guys who lost buddies, limbs, eyes over there? Are they feeling particularly supported right now, by this, by the incredulity of its proponents when faced with Democrats screaming bullshit on it?


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