Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup Fizzle and the Same Old Shizzle

We were prepared, the boy and I. We got up early and made an all-American eggs 'n' bacon breakfast in hopes that it would help. Uh, it didn't. The boys in red white and blue biffed their must-win game against Ghana 2-1. A couple of questionable calls and non-calls didn't help, but the ref didn't decide the match. The US side were listless against the Czech Republic and again today, showing very little creativity.


I guess this leaves me rooting for Ghana, despite their proclivity for diving--gotta love a guy with crazy hair named Pimpong, after all--and I suppose England, although they've looked only a little more inspired than the US so far.

I still blame Israel for Ireland's failure to qualify.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, murder indictments have rolled in for 8 marines in one incident, Haditha's still being investigated, and the Army's finally admitted that two soldiers killed back in '04 were actually shot by Iraqi soldiers (like, the guys we're supposed to be training and propping up). Word is that the Marines may face the death penalty. No word on any punishment for the brass who set the stage for them.

And yep, I still do "support the troops" who have managed to avoid committing war crimes so far. Of course, I'm the kind of person who tends to blame the parents of unruly toddlers more than the toddlers themselves, even when they know at least a little bit that what they're doing is wrong. I've said it repeatedly and will say it again. Fluid rules of engagement, implicit condoning of detainee abuse, and encouragement of a retribution mindset in a situation with wretched security and random IED attacks makes abuses and war crimes... well, saying "inevitable" probably relieves perpetrators of more responsibility than is warranted, so I'll say "unconscionable but not unexpected."

The anti-war protestors were out again at Campbell and Speedway yesterday, early in the morning before it got too hot. I can always tell when a protest is gearing up because of the car horns honking in support. There wasn't much honking as I went through the intersection; maybe it was because the protestors were just starting to set up and didn't have all the corners covered, maybe people weren't sufficiently caffeinated yet to notice and get their peace honk on. I hope it wasn't creeping anomie.

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