Monday, November 03, 2008

Don't Get Me Wrong

Oh, I'm totally voting Obama and hope you do too. There's a lot about him I like, respect, and honestly get very excited about. It's just that high-pitched screech of cognitive dissonance in the back of my head that gets annoying from time to time, similar to the one caused by loving my son's high school and its strong academics and social justice orientation despite the fact that it's Catholic (screeeeeeeech), or loving Notre Dame due to spending my adolescence in the shadow of the Golden Dome and the Basilica despite its very conservative campus culture and current bafflingly lousy quarterback (squaaaaaaaaaaaaaawk), or loving my maternal grandmother for taking me to school when I was a wee tad and picking me up and letting me sit on her lap with a Pop-Tart when the Popeye cartoons got too scary despite her stubbornly remaining an unflinching '50s-style racist (peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww bang!).

Obama! Good for reproductive rights (just as soon as he quits trying to pull my non-existent pastor into my personal healthcare decisions) and pay equality and healthcare and Iraq and Afghanistan and propping up America's image around the world! Oh, and most importantly, Not! John! McCain! There.

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