Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Snap Judgment


Quick, what are these people celebrating?

What glad tidings have provoked such joyous, fists-in-the-air cheering? Did their candidate win the presidency? Or a senate seat? Did they just learn of a tax repeal that's going to save them some precious grocery money? Are they celebrating anything that directly impacts their own lives?

Or are they celebrating the passage of an amendment that just took away marriage rights from people who are different from them?

If you guessed the latter, you are, unfortunately, correct. Hey, from left to right, Bob Knoke, Amanda Stanfield, Jim Domen, and J.D. Gaddis? Fuck. You.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Boltgirl said...

Thanks, anonymous, but if people want to look up these folks' contact information, I'd prefer they do it on their own rather than getting any more here than is already available in the Trib article.

familyman said...

Wow, that is really sad to see people so happy about something like this.

Sad and scary.

Homer said...

You have to wonder what mental illness makes someone so excited about depriving someone else of their rights.