Monday, December 15, 2008


Innumerable small tasks are keeping me down, most of them related to this thing called "job," some related to the upcoming "Christmas party" and super-related "visit by parents." Both of the latter happening this weekend, by the way, with a day shoehorned in there of "drive up to Phoenix for yet another youth volleyball tournament."

Christ. Now that I'm finally at the age where my lack of both energy and patience to deal with unwanted tasks might most justifiably be approached with liberal doses of therapeutic alcohol, I'm too fucking old to be able to drink more than one drink without either falling on the floor, falling asleep, or putting on roughly fifty pounds for every beer.

Anyway. The nice new computer guy at work is setting up my wicked cool new laptop, so I'm sure the blogging quality will shoot through the roof any moment now. Stay tuned.

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