Monday, December 15, 2008

Trial Run

This is post number one with the new Latitude, not that there will be any difference from the reading end of things, but it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something. The keyboard has a softer feel than the Inspiron, indeed going so far as to flex slightly on typing--a feature I dearly hope was designed rather than being a harbinger of cracking in half or some other godawful catastrophe--and makes a quiet skittering sound not unlike several cats zipping across the roof in the middle of the night. The part of the case where your hands rest while typing is slightly textured with an almost gritty feel, where the Inspiron was smooth, leading me to try to brush it off several times before figuring out it's supposed to feel that way. Color saturation is not great, but that's fixable... somehow.

And it's keeping me warm since it's pretty freaking cold in here. Full service machine.

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