Saturday, January 17, 2009

In Which Rick Warren Self-Godwinizes

You probably saw this already, but it bears repeating. Rick Warren plans to take over the world for Jesus using the model of that great mid-20th century motivational speaker. No, not FDR. No, no, not Churchill either. JFK? Nope. No, goofball, he's invoking the hands-down best organizer and mover of men (and women and children and old folks and Gypsies and homos and, oh yes, Jews) the world has ever seen.

He invoked Hitler.

Yes, Rick Warren wants people to come to Jesus with the same fervor the brown-shirted kids of 1940s Germany brought to the Hitlerjugend. Because that certainly ended well for lots of people.

Watching this fucktard share the podium with Barack Obama on Tuesday was going to make me want to puke enough the way things were. Now it's worse. Is Obama going to shake his hand? Bro-hug him? There are factions you really do want to reach out to, and then there are factions you don't want to touch with a goddamn fifty-foot pole. A guy who advocates mindless, conscience-free blind obedience and loyalty is one of those. And I don't give a flying fuck if Warren claims he was only lauding the brownies' belief in and dedication to their cause and their leader, somehow in cold dissociation from the havoc they wreaked and carnage they wrought. Because you can't divorce anything about the Nazis (not the efficiency, not the BDSM chic, not the choreography, nothing) from the whole picture just to have a convenient example to reference.

Especially not when both your organizations are known at least in part for, shall we say, less than inclusive policies toward Jews and gays.

Sigh. Hey, at least Gene Robinson got the B-team gig at the Lincoln Memorial.

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