Thursday, April 16, 2009

In Which George Will Shills for the Seersucker Industry

George Will does not like my blue jeans. He does not like yours, either, nor the single pair he owns after--quelle horreur--being forced to purchase said dungarees in order to attend a senator's themed birthday party. Jeans are kiddie clothing, George says, and their adoption as our official national uniform has condemned our country to a hopeless, perpetual infantilism. Because we're all dressing up like tough male gold miners while going to our effete jobs as opinion columnists, or something. This is what George thinks we need to do instead:
For men, sartorial good taste can be reduced to one rule: If Fred Astaire would not have worn it, don't wear it. For women, substitute Grace Kelly.

I take it, then, that I am also to wear heels at all times and walk backwards. Neat! Thanks, George! You are wearing your spats and straw boater today, are you not?

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