Thursday, April 09, 2009

Quick HIt

Spare time, I no haz it. A rush freelance illustrating job is sucking up the after-hours clock these days, the kind of work I can't turn down even though the artifacts are, for the most part, either dubious or dullsville, because the contracting person is from a distinguished American family that shreds money over their cornflakes for breakfast and I'm in dire straits.

Giant chunks of quartz. Yay!

Anyway, when I'm not slaving over the drawing board I'm moderately intrigued by happenings in Iowa, Vermont, and DC. I fear I can't fling myself wholeheartedly into Nate Silver's lovely wishful-thinking map--seriously, Arizona voting for marriage equality by 2011 and Utah by 2012? Do the LDS have secret plans to forbid their members from voting for anything ever again that the rest of us don't know about?--but I do have a glimmer of hope that the timing and the tides and the hearts and minds are starting to flow in a different direction. Also, Sully waxes more eloquent that usual for the Daily Dish here.

Yes, we toasted Vermont Tuesday night with Ben & Jerry's, and I added corn to my breakfast potatoes and onions in honor of Iowa. Now North Carolina and Tennessee need to get on board, cuz I could use some BBQ just about now.

Also, CUBS IN FIRST PLACE. The magic number is 160. More from my ink-stained fingers when I have time to think.

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