Tuesday, April 07, 2009

One More Reason to Like Vermont

Joining Ben & Jerry's and lovely autumn foliage on the "pro" list for Vermont is a little thing called The First State Legislature to Approve Gay Marriage. And they did it by overriding a governor's veto.

note:I did not realize the embedded video of the roll call vote would automatically launch, so I've taken it down--follow the link to the Burlington Free Press if you'd like to watch.

A major anti-equality argument against Massachusetts', Connecticut's, Iowa's, and--while it was in force--California's marriage laws has been that they were all the results of judicial action rather than the state legislatures. Since no demon-possessed judicial activists were involved in the Vermont action, I wonder if these same detractors--who frequently push for legislation insulating anti-marriage amendments from judicial review--will be clamoring for the Vermont Supreme Court to overturn a law that came to life the way they claim it had to in other states in order to be valid.

For now, however, it's a happy day, and I may just have to raise a pint of Phish Food to the northeast in a toast to equality under the law.

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