Saturday, August 29, 2009

Jam-Packed Saturday Extravaganza

Unfortunately, it is packed with panic-button archaeology writing (journal article due Tuesday; why did I agree to do this, again?) interspersed with grocery shopping and, hopefully, some zoning out in front of an EPL game or two. I do not know why Arsenal's diving exhibition against Celtic this week pissed me off so much, but I firmly despise the Arsenal now. Just play football, boys, and leave the dramatics and triple flips with a half-twist to the thespians and Olympians.

This will leave precious little time for blogging. Maybe if I pretend the journal article is just another ten-page blog post with lots of photos, it will go quicker. I'm sure it will read just fine and it will be very easy for me to not say fuck fuck fuck every other sentence.

Science, onward!

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