Friday, August 14, 2009

Just This One

Unfortunately, I could probably limit the blog to covering only right-wing hyperbole re: the black guy in the White House healthcare reform and not run out of material any time soon. Not wishing to spend the rest of forever under a totally dark cloud of depression, I'll just point you to this:

An unnamed Hagerstown resident realizes Sasha and Malia are to blame
for the government attempting to get its grubby hands on his Medicare.

If your Jesus-approved purely capitalist healthcare system has failed to provide you with regular vision checkups and the bottom of the sign is a little fuzzy, it reads "Death to Obama - Michelle & 2 stupid kids." It's entirely possible, of course, that I'm misreading this and the sign actually reads "DEATH to Obama - [signed] Michelle & 2 stupid kids," and the gentleman found it stuffed in the Hagerstown dumpster where Michelle and the girls ditched it after deciding going public with the latest family feud over Dad sneaking Kools on the back porch wouldn't be the best idea, but that just somehow doesn't feel like the right interpretation here.

"Death to Obama." And to his wife. And to his daughters.

Death to Obama's children.

And the pot simmers a little hotter day by day.

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