Saturday, January 02, 2010

2010, Post the First

I had to think for a minute about what the date is today, and then count forward and backward a few times to figure out which day of the week we're dealing with here. Apparently it is Saturday, which after a Friday that felt like a Sunday creates more confusion than I can deal with after only one cup of coffee.

People a few blocks away from here spell out messages in the rocks in their yard. Yesterday's (Friday, so I hear) was


which takes a lot of rocks. I always wonder how they deal with kerning issues; it's very precise. So my reasonable and only resolution for 2010 is to try not to suck. Fair enough. Also, I would like to make something involving roasted cauliflower at some point before 2011. There you have it.

The girlfriend is off for a day of refereeing, the boy is off at his dad's and points unknown, and back here at Chez Bolt the dishes want washing and the floors could do with some attention and the shed yet again failed to magically clean itself out overnight. In other words, life as usual has triumphed over the holiday afterglow and today's bowl games aren't close to compelling enough to justify putting off usual life's demands for another day.

One more cup of coffee and I'll get moving. Oh, yes, and Dick Cheney can go fuck himself.

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Damien Huffer said...

I'd say Dick's resolution should be "try not to suck," but he'd just fail miserably...and immediately! May we both have a smooth 2010, whatever happens.