Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Today in Self-improvement

And to think I used to while away the hours listening to old Ellen clips on the YouTube whilst coding artifacts. News flash: the drudgery portion of my job, which involves measuring and recording various attributes of the waste flakes produced when prehistoric people whacked rocks together to make either (1) tools or (2) a big mess, can essentially be performed by a well-trained baboon. Not much of a drain on the cerebral resources, that. So I load up a playlist with Ellen, which inexplicably boosts my productivity by about 25%, or Eddie Izzard, or Arrested Development, and measure and weigh and tippy-tap the keypad and life is good, if simple.

Then I discovered iTunesU a few days after Christmas. Seriously! You can go to iTunes and listen to audio or watch video of college-level lectures on many different subjects. Granted, some of it is Open University woo (Chemistry is Awesome), but they also have stuff from MIT (Chemistry 5111: Organic), so I'm busily plugging holes in my knowledge base while simultaneously registering complete flake-rhyolite-25.11 mm-.87 g-wheee. All for free.

Then when s-orbits and p-orbits and carbon bonds refuse to anchor in my brain, I just listen to this and feel much better:

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