Friday, January 05, 2007

In Which We Are Knocked over with a Feather.

Charles Krauthammer has written something I agree with. Completely. I may need to lie down for a while.

In re: Saddam on the gallows, how our Iraqi minions managed to take the only true slam-dunk aspect of this entire fiasco (Saddam bad) and completely bollocks it up mystifies me. Well, actually, it doesn't. The charade of the execution sadly illustrated, clearly and with brutal brilliance, the future of the Iraq that 2,998 of our guys have died for (as of this morning) : a propped-up democracy, in name only, serving as a thin veneer for the sectarian thuggery underneath.

If nothing else, the Iraqis have proved adept students of slickly working around the letter and spirit of the law for the sake of convenience and the opportunity to double-finger-poke the Sunnis in the eyes. In the process, Saddam managed to look like the only grownup in the room.

Now we have the Sunnis even more pissed off and the Shiite resistance, primarily Muqtada's militia, even more emboldened. Does anyone remember a major component of the latest "new way forward" purportedly involving eliminating the Mahdi Army? Does anyone else see some disconnect between that stated goal and the presence of Muqtada-chanting Mahdi boys in the execution chamber? Al-Sadr hisself might as well have put the noose around Saddam's neck and kicked the trapdoor open.

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