Monday, January 22, 2007

Snow Blogging from Tucson

The snow started coming down last night just before sundown, big fat flakes that not only looked like the real deal but packed like the real thing. Snowmen abounded in Tucson today. This is the tiny one I made on somebody's hood at work.

It was a scene straight out of my childhood--wake up in the cold predawn dark, look out the window at a world covered in white, and turn on the TV waiting for the school closings to crawl across the bottom, elation when the kid's school showed up, giving him the first and likely only snow day of his desert education career.

I made it to work without incident to find only two other cars in the lot, so I trundled over to the park across the street to watch the dogs play and snap some pictures.

Snow and fog on the Catalinas in the morning.

The ice was pretty, too:

Lovely frozen puddle in the parking lot.

By lunchtime the sun had come out and gotten busy melting all the white stuff on the ground. Clouds came and went around the mountains but didn't produce anything new.

Clouds and shadows under the Window and Finger Rock.

We took off after lunch to get closer to the mountains, but the Catalina Highway was closed at the base. That's the most frustrating part about the rare snowfalls here--by the time they get the highway open, the snow's gone. But it was a grand, magical day you couldn't help grinning at.

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