Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stumpin' for the Surge

Dear Leader goes on TV tomorrow to give the latest version of the new way forward in Iraq (for Iraq? adjacent to Iraq?), preview snippets of which sound disconcertingly like the series of old ways forward proposed to replace each other a few times since 2003, all adding up to the same sorry solution. More gasoline on the fire, more trees into the shredder, more piles of chips pushed forward into an ever-increasing big blind.

W bristles at criticism of his prosecution of the war, snapping that he listens to the generals in the field (I can't bring myself to type "commanders on the ground" any more), at least until they give him assessments of reality too blunt for his tastes, at which point they are sacked. Shinseki before the war, Casey last week. Powell, more or less in the same category, somewhere in between.

And finally, today comes confirmation of what many of us suspected at the outset of this whole mess: The Iraqi government plans to introduce a law that will give Western oil companies rights to the country's huge oil reserves, a British newspaper says.

3,000 gone forever and 20,000+ who left parts of themselves over there. Thousands more who figuratively did the same and brought PTSD home in exchange. How many more will be committed to the same fate tomorrow night for George Bush's ego and oil company profits?

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