Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union

The fawning aisle-sitters falling over themselves to grasp Chimpy as he made his entrance really made me cringe. The Republicans on the left side of the aisle and Lieberman on the right jumping to their feet to cheer made me cringe. The part I liked? Admitting that it's long past the time to start looking at alternative fuels. Grassley's look of adoration at that--the corn, think of the corn!--was priceless.

The surge? Hate it. The smokescreen of tax breaks tied to self-insurance? Really hate it. The lie that Iraq was rosy and the civil war sectarian violence didn't start until the Golden Mosque went kablooey last year? Really, really hate it.

Was Cheney chewing gum? Or just munching on tidbits he sucked out of his teeth? Why did he look like he was trying not to crack up when W was talking about energy policy?

Peace march tomorrow in Tucson, Catalina Park to the federal building, 4 pm. Be there.

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