Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday Bests

Best live music experience this week: The Chieftains at Centennial Hall (Wednesday).

Best addition to The Chieftains in recent years: Canadian dancer/fiddler Jon Pilatzke, his dancer brother Nathan, and dancer Cara Butler, all three dangerously easy on the eyes--seriously, there ought to be a law--and all three loose-limbed joy in motion. Oh yeah, the old Irish guys were pretty good too.

Best thundering on the Senate floor: Ted Kennedy on the Republican stonewalling of the minimum wage legislation (yesterday).

Best non-thundering denunciation of the war (Democrat): Russ Feingold.

Best fuming denunciation of the war (Repub): Chuck Hagel.

Worst news in local bread: Beyond Bread has discontinued their onion bread. Unfortunately other customer do not place the Onion Bread as in high regard as you due to the fact the we were only selling between 2-4 loaves a day and we having excessive waste. In order for our mixer to work properly we must make at least 20 loaves or the product will not develop correctly.

Two to four loaves per day? What is wrong with people?

Best way to cheer up after learning onion bread has disappeared: Quagmyre.

Most transparent theme of this Friday Bests: Jon Pilatzke. Who, I am certain, loves some onion bread.

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