Monday, April 30, 2007

Draft Day Drama

Well, that took long enough. The Browns took Quinn with the 22nd pick overall after trading next year's first-round pick to the Cowboys. The Steelers have along been my AFC team of choice, so this sets up some interesting ethical issues. I'll muddle through somehow.

It was hard not to feel a little bit dirty after watching the draft. The pre-event hype had been going full steam for a couple of months, finally hitting a crescendo in the last couple days of last week that had to have left even the ESPN execs feeling a little sheepish. How many preview shows does the draft really need? Why have we collectively consented to a national platform being given to Mel Kiper Jr.'s breathtaking ego?

Actually, the best part of the whole thing was watching Kiper's head bob and sweat ever more violently with each team that took a pass on his sure-bet number three pick. Next year I'll have some pride and just read about it in the paper the next morning.

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