Monday, April 23, 2007

Video Space-filler

Sunday was spent tending my injured athlete son, doomed like... well, the literary reference escapes me at the moment, but doomed like the literary character who unwillingly plays out his destined role in carrying the family curse. You know, that one guy? Yeah, him. In this case the curse is soccer-shredded knees, and also in this case, I am tired.

Anyway. Yesterday's rehab activities, between bouts of ice, ace bandage wrapping, and fetching pizza rolls and ice cream, mainly involved sitting and watching Planet Earth on the Discovery Channel. The bird of paradise courtship displays are very impressive.

Even cooler was footage of a bunch of otters messing with a crocodile, but I can't seem to track down that video. And somewhere in Africa there are tiny wild pigs the size of rabbits. And great white sharks can jump completely out of the water while eating seals. And caribou have winter hair that is hollow, providing excellent insulation.

Much was learned.

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