Friday, April 06, 2007

In Which We Contemplate WordPress

Might be moving over to WordPress soon, although my desire to import the entire archive (oh, vanity) means it will be held up until I can get all the goddamn pictures optimized.

Random notes for a Friday morning:

Ahmedinejad played the British sailor saga like a Stradivarius. I haven't heard any explosions from the other side of the globe yet, so maybe the hotly rumored Good Friday Tactical Nukefest was only a rumor after all. That would be the best news of all.

We're not out of the first week of April yet and the Cubs are comfortably sub-.500, hitting their midseason stride three games out of the gate, losing their opener on the strength of ten guys stranded and no extra-base hits, losing the third by virtue of a seventh-inning collapse ignited by a walk, a wild pitch, and a passed ball.

Disney's all for equality now, opening up their Fairy Tale Wedding extravaganza to gay couples. Now we too can lay out 8K to ride in a pumpkin carriage to the castle where Mickey and Minnie will witness our commitment ceremonies in formal wear. Actual adults apparently lap this shit up. I'm not sure I understand, but that's okay. Now, if SeaWorld threw weddings in the manatee exhibit or, better yet, in one of the squid dissection labs, I'd be all over it.

Archaeology drama in Tucson! Read all about it here. That's all I can say.

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