Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Photo Escapism

W's performance leave a bad taste in your mouth? Get away from it all for a moment with some lovely images of Tucson in the springtime.

An American Shoveler (duck) admiring his fine reflection
at Sweetwater Wetlands

Morning Primrose at the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Desert Marigold at the Desert Museum

Ocotillo juuuuuust thinking about blooming

The equinox was last week, or the week before (to be honest, I lost track), and daylight savings happened about the same time (I don't have to pay attention since I live in Arizona, where we never change our clocks except on the Navajo Nation), so I'm not sure when spring officially began for the rest of the country. It officially began for me yesterday, when the formerly bare branches of the mesquite trees along the fence where I park at work suddenly sported feathery, lime green leaves. This morning they had already transformed into the deep green leaves of summer.

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