Saturday, April 28, 2007

Utter Randomness, and Some Eye Candy

Watching the NFL draft, still shaking my head at the Browns taking Thomas instead of Quinn, and wondering how far Brady will fall now that the middle of the first ten teams have specific needs that do not involve a quarterback. Hmmmm, if the Vikes take (and keep) him, I may need to re-think my decade-old defection to the Packers. But probably not.

Brady Quinn: eye candy for any orientation.

In other news, In-N-Out Burger finally opened in Tucson on Wednesday, and people predictably flipped out, spending up to two hours in the walk-up and drive-through lines for a Double-Double and fries. Last night I drove by on my way to someplace else, around 7:00, and the drive-through line looked to be at least 30 cars long. Reinforcements had been called in, possibly from Phoenix, in the form of a In-N-Out semi trailer concession stand that was taking walk-ups. The line there was immense, as was the line snaking 50 deep out the front door of the place.

I don't get it. In-N-Out is reasonably tasty--frankly, I'm a sucker for just about anything served in a crisp paper wrapper as long as it isn't raw fish--and the shakes kick righteous ice cream ass, but I'm not sure it's an earth-shaking experience of the order of magnitude required to make hours in line worthwhile.

Draft note: the Vikes take Adrian Peterson with the 7th pick. Ah shite.

Things I have waited in ungodly long lines to purchase or partake in, in order of reward:pain ratio...

1. Cubs home opener tickets. Every year in college we traipsed over to Rose Records on Davis Street in Evanston in the middle of a February night and waited for the TicketMaster window to open at 8:00 the next morning. It was always cold and sometimes snowy, and we never thought to bring chairs or coffee. Just 5 or 6 layers of clothes and lots of stamping our feet to stay warm, giddy with growing anticipation as we watched the city slowly wake up and start its day, knowing we'd get our tickets but still worried they'd sell out in the five seconds it would take to sprint from the door to the TicketMaster counter.

2. Um. I don't know that there is a number two. Let's keep things in realistic proportion and skip down to

10. Return of the King. I guess that was worthwhile.

10. The Indiana Jones ride at Which one's in California? That one. That's a pretty cool ride that's almost worth waiting an hour for.

Guess I'm not much of a line person, or maybe it's that I'm not much of a delayed gratification person. Nothing has come close to the flush of victory that comes from skipping out of the record store clutching my bleacher tickets after eight hours of freezing my ass off, heading back to a hot shower and the happy promise of Opening Day on the horizon.


Homer said...

Lol, I can't believe I'm seeing man-candy on your blog!

Boltgirl said...

Ah Homie, you know it's all for you!