Sunday, December 30, 2007

December 30

It's been such a long hiatus I hardy know how to blog any more. The end of the year brought the usual mad cavalcade of gatherings with friends and the various permutations of family we have gathered around ourselves, all involving heaps of food, some overlain with a mildly acidic emotional wash. I survived. The details would make for rather dull reading if you weren't there.

The upshot is that while I haven't believed in any type of god for quite some time, I found at the close of this holiday season that I still believe in hope and take delight in total crap-ass situations improbably reversing themselves. When a week-long family gathering that had been a prickly incubator for arguments and general bad behavior resolved into four generations, at the close of an amazing meal, sing carols together to the squawky accompaniment of the youngest member of the cohort's electric guitar, well, hell, it gave me hope that everything just might turn out okay after all.

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