Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Now it feels like winter, finally, so feeling like Christmas must be just around the corner. The last couple of days brought rain and glimpses of snow during the scattered minute-long breaks in the clouds that let us look at the mountains.

Rainbow (snowbow?) across the Catalina Mountains.

I particularly like the broken clouds and fog because they reveal the intricacies of the mountains, turning them from the usual sunny day's monolithic horizon to a much more interesting landscape with relief and depth.

Clouds, rainbow, mountain: mystery and majesty! Angel choirs!

Winter's second act opened this morning. Namely, thick thick fog. My office sits down in the cold-air drainage of Rillito Creek; driving in I could see the fog thicken with each declining temperature gradient.

Same view as rainbow/snowbow shot above, only slightly obscured by fog.

The sun may be making an appearance this morning. Hopefully there's still a nice snowcap up there somewhere.

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