Wednesday, December 05, 2007

One-stop Shopping

This was posted very briefly last week and then taken down so as to not conflict with something similar going on at work. That being finished, I can now happily unveil yet another goddamn CafePress shop offering the finest nonsectarian archaeologywear on the planet for your Christmachanukawanzaakuh shopping pleasure. Browse the full selection to find something you can't live without; proceeds will be donated to Pretty Bird Woman House.

Favored by surly archaeologists throughout Tucson... and the world!

Don't forget the lovely holiday ornaments while you're there, cuz nuthin' sez XMAS like an oversized Basketmaker point on an oval plaque dangling from a fir tree. Ah, just do me a favor if you happen to work at my company, and if you're not sure if you do, please ask--be a love and and wear the stuff someplace other than the office (at least not to staff meetings) for the next couple of months, m'kay?

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