Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Roadblogging: San Francisco

Wow. Nice city they got here. This is my first time in San Francisco, and I love the little bite-sized central city with so much stuff packed into it. You can walk everywhere, even with all the goddamn hills in the middle of things, and it's all quite interesting. I'm sitting halfway up a hotel near Ghirardelli Square, looking out at the occasional seagull wheeling over a very foggy bay. The Golden Gate Bridge is hiding, mostly successfully, but I'm hoping it makes an appearance later.

We dutifully trekked up and down Lombard Street. I am fascinated by the rumble of the cables running underneath Hyde; the boy is intrigued by the number of very small dogs people walk up and down Van Ness. We both liked the sea lions at Fisherman's Wharf and wondered about a life spent flopping on a dock saying arf arf arf all day long. Maybe the occasional fish makes it worthwhile.

This afternoon it's back in the car and up the road to the Sonoma coast, and possibly very chilly, blustering camping on the beach. Could be invigorating, could suck. We'll see.

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