Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Because Schadenfreude is Better than no Freude at All.

Huh. Hot on the heels of this comes the news that President Obama tomorrow will sign an executive order a memorandum that gives all same-sex partners of federal employees the same suite of benefits as straight spouses moving costs as long as he's in office. Moving costs, people! It's the lesbian dream second-date U-Haul reservation fantasy come true!
"Our analysis has been that it will take an act of Congress for the full suite of benefits such as health benefits and retirement benefits to be provided for same-sex couples and families," said Leonard Hirsch, president of Federal Globe: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Employees of the Federal Government. Hirsch said the executive branch has the authority to extend certain other benefits through departments and agencies, such as providing relocation costs for partners of federal employees.

Hirsch welcomed the announcement and said his organization would gladly help with implementing the new policy. "We look forward to working closely with the administration to put this in place as quickly as possible," he said.

Well, get a good night's sleep, Leonard. Lord knows you have lots of boxes to pack there.

The only good part of this whole deal is watching Aravosis melt down ripping Obama after he spent the entire campaign ripping Hillary Clinton up, down, and sideways, and banning people from his blog who were overly critical of Obama.

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