Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sick Day Slacking

Discovery #1: insightful blogging is difficult when a sinus infection has displaced the blogger's brain to some space slightly outside and behind her left ear.

Discovery #2: and also when said displacement renders typing skills to somewhere below the first-grade level. My backspace key may melt at this rate.

Discovery #3: to say nothing of what happens to basic cognitive functions. Should I have applauded Darth's marginal marriage statement yesterday? I have no idea. Since in the same speech he let on that maybe he'd been knowingly lying through his ventilator about a Saddam-9/11 link for eight years solid.

Anyway. I can't think and can barely type, so let's try embedding some videos. Do we go with poignant first, or coffee-spewing? I think coffee-spewing. Forthwith, in honor of New Hampshire giving it another go this morning, mawwiage (nicked from Joe.My.God.):

Next, in the more poignant category, is this one from the Media That Matters Film Festival, promoted over at the Blend:

As I commented there, I would have done this one slightly differently, with the young man being rejected half the time and totaling up the yes and no responses until he comes to the very last house in the country, taking a deep breath, ringing the doorbell, and asking his question... and then the screen fades to "How would you feel..." before we learn which way 50% +1 comes down in his case. Be that as it may, it was still a nicely done piece that will probably preach to no one outside the choir unless people post it in comment threads at redstate.

My head, my head.

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