Wednesday, October 01, 2008


Remember way back when I was posting daily Maddow clips, because they were entertaining, insightful, intelligent, and informative? Yeah, this is the opposite of that:

Remember, this is the person John McCain claims probably knows more about energy than anyone else in the United States.

Well, if she knows more than anyone else that must mean she's an intellectual elite, which I suppose would explain the dense, incomprehensible syntax of her fungible oil and coal rambling above, right? Right??? As we speak, Palin is holed up in Cornville, AZ at one of the McCain estates (Cornville? really?), cramming for tomorrow night's debate with the help of Steve Schmidt and Randy Scheunemann. A nation waits, giddy.

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Dennis said...

You know what pisses me of most about that clip? Blitzer's, "Governor Palin gave what some consider to be a clumsy answer." Why can't he just come out and say the answer was clumsy? He's not being objective and unbiased by refusing to state the obvious, he's just being spineless.