Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Tears on Leaving

I spent the past three and a half days at my grandparents' house in Mesa, as Granddad is in the ICU following surgery and my mom and grandmother are giving the Olympic tag-team synchronized flipout team a run for their money. It was pretty much the exact opposite of fun.

Granddad will probably be okay, and is mostly annoyed at being stuck in bed. Grandmother is helpless on her own, which isn't going to work so well when it's just the two of them since she can't drive and can barely walk 50 feet without tottering over. Mom is freaking equally about having to be there and wondering what will happen when she leaves, which she can't do soon enough.

Me? It was the first time since the summer of '85 that I haven't sniffled saying goodbye. Weird to be in a room surrounded by a cumulative age of 204 and feel like the only grownup for miles around.

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