Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Only Shock Is That It Took This Long

Round about the :40 mark, a woman in the crowd finally gives us the Michael Richards Moment that was bound to happen at a Palin rally sooner or later.

He's a n****r! Think Palin didn't hear that? Was the little stumble, the little stammer in her speech just a coincidence? It must have been. I mean, if John McCain can grab the mic back from his own Crazy Rally Lady and tell her that Obama is not actually Arab, you'd think Sarah Palin could take just a sec to say ooooh, now, we shouldn't be sayin' things like that, dontcha know.

Now that two white supremacist knuckleheads have been arrested for plotting to off a bunch of African-American kids as a warmup to killing Obama (whilst dressed in white tuxes and top hats? are sheets and hoods that declasse now in Appalachia?), can she credibly continue to pretend she just doesn't hear these things, or that people are yelling Trigger for her baby, or that... what? It was satire?

Yes, the ATF caught Mssrs. Cowart and Schlesseleman and foiled their long-on-ambition, short-on-reality plans to wreak murder and mayhem. That's the upside. The downside is that these two guys are complete idiots. If they were out there seriously contemplating assassination, how many others of a similar mindset but with actual intelligence and tactical capabilities are mulling their own shots at infamy, tacitly egged on by increasingly id-free rally attendees whose epithets have gone unchecked by the candidates they're shouting to? Does this disturb you? It disturbs me.

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