Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Mysteries of the Intertubes

I confess to occasionally checking the Sitemeter, with "occasionally" here of course meaning "sometimes on an hourly basis." We take our validation where we can get it and are not sorry. Maybe a little ashamed, but not much.

Anyway. I apparently have a reader from Rwanda. Interesting! But who got here by searching "erotic stories." Do not want to know!


Lucy2Shoes said...

I lurk. I admit it. But I'm not from Rwanda and I found you from at link at Homer's (where I also lurk). I will not be ashamed! (and thanks for writing)

Anonymous said...

I fell in here from Sweden, looking for a combination of "Red Stars" and "rumors". I was out for rumored player transactions, but found something a whole lot funnier :D.