Friday, April 30, 2010

Wait, I Forgot One.

Have you ever stood up at a political convention, a rally, or in front of your TV whilst watching coverage of the same, and gleefully chanted, "Drill baby drill!?" Fuck. You. That goes for allegedly progressive political candidates who, once in office, fall over themselves to be as Republican as possible too.

Christ, what a week.


Anonymous said...

You're not alone. There is this one commercial here showing a Bible and saying "He fought to keep prayer is the state house. Our freedoms are God given".

Where in the hell was I raised where we were taught about the importance of separation of church and state?

Damien Huffer said...

Can I visit Tucson without having to visit Arizona somehow? If everyone gets one "bend the laws of Physics" wish in their lifetime, I'll use mine for this purpose.