Monday, April 19, 2010

Well, That Explains *That*

Why didn't I think of this? JordanCornblog has sussed out the ultimate cause of Iceland going kablooey in such dramatic fashion.

You know how when they are electing a Pope the black smoke indicates a failed ballot … while white smoke means that a new pope has been elected? Well, isn’t it pretty obvious that God is telling old Benedict that there’s been a big mistake? Good grief – today is even the 5th anniversary of his election … and he was born on April 16th!

Could it be any clearer? Black smoke … God is telling you to step down, Ratzo … seriously. You need to listen!

The elegance of simple, clean logic--ain't nuthin' better.

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Anonymous said...

I come from a LONG line of Roman Catholics and we are ALL wondering what the hell is going on with this piece of shit!