Thursday, July 06, 2006

De-Hummering the World, One Consumer At A Time

Coffee this morning with an old friend. Former girlfriend. She's shopping for a new car and is going to test-drive a Hummer3 (!) this afternoon. No, I told her. No, no, no. If you ever want to talk to me again, or, more accurately, if you ever want to talk to me and have me actually listen and respond to you in a civil manner, no Hummers. It's sad and pretentious enough to buy one of the big bombers, I said. But the baby one? That says you need to be pretentious, but couldn't swing the freight on the full-size one. The opposing forces of Look-At-Me and Must-Be-Frugal will collide and wipe you out, along with most of the Tucson metro area and possibly Pima and Pinal counties as well.

Not sure if she bought that line of reasoning, but she smiled and nodded vigorously--a smile 'n' nod NOT, I would point out, accompanied by any furtive glances at or slow backing toward the door.

I pushed for a Honda Element. Not holding my breath on that happening.

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