Monday, July 24, 2006


It's miserable everywhere, from what I hear. It's really freaking miserable in Tucson. The monsoons started out promisingly with a couple of weeks of predictable afternoon storms that left the evenings tolerably cooler and rainwashed fresh. The last couple of weeks have brought the heat and wetness building, building in the air but no crashing thunderous release at the end of the day. The 90+ degree temperatures inside the house make sleeping an interesting challenge, even with the brave little floor fan going nonstop. I snooze, barely, for 15 minutes before grabbing the water bottle on the nightstand and rolling over to give the heat rash an equitable shot at the other side of my body. I am in a state of constant sogginess. I fantasize about laying whole sheets of Otter Pops on the bed and collapsing on them for a minute's cool thrill before they, too, melt into puddles.

Otter Pops are helpful. Here is some useful Spanish for Otters.

Nice to meet you.Mucho Gusto.
What is your name?¿Como te llamas?
My name is...Me llamo...
I am a saltwater otter.Soy una nutria de la agua salada.
I am a freshwater otter.Soy una nutria de agua dulce.
Which way to the water?¿Dónde está el agua?
Is the water cold today?¿Es el agua fría hoy?
Those rocks are slippery.Esas rocas son deslizadizas.
Your musk smells lovely.Su almizcle huele encantador.
How old is your pup?¿Cómo vieja es su nutria infantil?
That tickles my whiskers.Ese cosquillas mis barbas.
This kelp is delicious.Este quelpo es delicioso.

Mi almizcle no huele encantador, porque yo tango demasiado calor. Pobrecita!

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